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The current situation is worrying for everyone, and small businesses are feeling the impact as we adjust to a different way of life for the next few months. There is so much information flying around at the moment, it can be overwhelming. We want to cut through that and give you a clear and simple plan to make sure your business survives the next few months.

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We’re offering FREE 60-minute zoom meeting with one of our network of experienced business doctors, who can help talk through your options. Get in touch with us on freesupport@businessdoctors.com.mt.

Have a look at our six-step plan

Our FREE six-step plan to help you stay out of the panic zone and give you a clear plan of action to get you through the next few months.

One of our co-founders, Matt Levington talks you through the plan in the video below.

COVID 19 Business Six Step Plan

Business COVID-19 Financial Help Incentives Funding Aid

We are offering our FREE support to understand whether your business is eligible as well as help you with the application procedure. Get in touch with us on +35679903685 or by email on incentives.applications@businessdoctors.com.mt!