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Find out how the Business Doctors journey began when founders Matthew Levington and Rod Davies, met up in 2004 over a beer, and discovered that they shared a passion for business support.

Having witnessed some very poor business support service being provided by both big consultancies and small independents over the years, Matthew and Rod were inspired to create something different that resonated with the market and added real value to small and medium sized businesses.

Wasting no time, the duo established Business Doctors with the aim of providing business support services to the Merseyside SME market. 12 years on, the Business Doctors network now spans across 42 UK offices with offices in Malta, South Africa  and India.


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  • Business Doctors Established

    Matthew and Rod met at the Spread Eagle in Lymm and over a pint (or two) discovered they both shared a passion for business. The concept of Business Doctors was born and the brand was subsequently trade marked.

  • North West Office Success

    Matthew and Rod establish the Business Doctor brand in the North West and following this success plan to expand to offer business support throughout the United Kingdom.

  • Focus Shifts from Delivery to Building UK Network

    The focus from providing business support in the North West shift to growing a network of Business Doctors within the UK

  • Network Doubles

    Business Doctors network stands at 32 after expanding into new territories with the appointment of Brian Hull (Essex) Simon Halliday (Lancashire) Michael Campbell (Scotland) Simon Monaghan (Leeds) Steve Wood (Derbyshire) and David Norris (Hampshire)

  • Further Investment in the Brand

    As a direct result of the rapid network growth experienced in 2011 and 2012, Matthew and Rod decided it was time for further investment in the brand. A full time Brand Manager was appointed and new website commissioned, to improve the Business Doctors' digital footprint.

  • Business Doctors expand into South Africa

    Steve Sutton joins Business Doctors, heading up Business Doctors in South Africa, and Business Doctors' launch new book 'Breaking Big'

  • Launched Business Doctors in India

    Saurab Khandewal launches Business Doctors India at a prestigious two day event in Gujarat.

    Business Doctors open for business in Malta

    Daniel Buġeja open for business in July 2016